Prem Solutions


PBX, Network Gear and more

There are 100s and sometimes even 1000s of VARs. Communication Group has relationships with only the highest quality and top 10 VARs for each manufacturer that we work with. We provide fully tailored solutions from your Phone System to your Video Confencing equipment to your network switches.

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We only work with the highest rated premise based PBX solutions. Solutions that are rated by Gartner, Nemertes, Frost Sullivan and more when it comes to leaders in the marketplace for voice over IP. With over 10 years of experience we can assist you in deciding and making the best custom solutions for your company as we work together. Whether that be a premise based IP system from a top manufacturer, or a more open source solution as well as the differences between premise and hosted.

Premise Based Network Equipment

Weather you are building a new network, require cabling or want to set up a firewall for your corporate office, Communication Group has the resources and staff on hand to assist you with your installation requirements, with only the best in breed solutions that your organization can rely on. Let us work together to design the best and most efficient solutions for your company.

Video Conferncing

As Unified Communications becomes more prevelant many organizations are looking to video solutions to enhance their connectivity between offices. We are experts with the best in breed solutions that you have come to rely on in your organization.

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