Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center

When it comes to Contact Center Communication Group are experts in designing workflow ease of use, reporting and analytics you need to run effectively. Weather you are creating a small group to field inbound calls or developing an outbound solution with blended agents and advanced analytics. We are the one resource to build your solutions under a single architecture using only the best in breed solutions your company can rely on.

Call Recording

Call Recording is proven to assist with better quality calls, quicker answered calls and overall better customer service. The solutions you choose to implement depend on what system you are currently utilizing and what goals you would like to achieve. Advanced analytics, views for marketing campaigns, compliance, and advanced analytics are all aspects of call recording that many organizations are wanting to understand more of as they look into call recording for their business. Our experts can assist you with the highest and most reputable best in breed solutions for your call recording needs.

Every Contact Center needs a variety of headsets, whether you are plugging direct into a phone or have softphones rolled out through your office. Communication Group works with the ultimate leaders in the headset world like Jabra and VXI for headset integration, style, versatility, reliability and ease of use.

If you have any questions and would like to review further feel free to contact us at anytime.

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